Hugs and Smiles

Sweet Desire

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Passionate words
Whispered into my ear.
Down my cheek rolls a tear.
He brushes it away
And asks what's wrong.
I've waited to be
Loved for so long.
His soft caresses
Sends shivers up my spine.
His lips bring kisses
Sweeter than wine.
No one has ever made
Me feel like this.
He makes me senseless
With just one kiss.
Deep within my soul
Sparks desire.
The sensuality in his eyes
Could set ice on fire.
I feel so warm and secure
In his warm embrace.
I love to memorize the
Features of his face.
His touches tease.
His kisses please.
He kept my heart from breaking.
He eased all aching.
He freely gave his mind,
Heart and soul.
I gave him the same

Ashley Brooke Payne


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