Hugs and Smiles

Summertime in the Country by Joel T Bailey

The sweet smell of magnolias
and the honeysuckle too,
fluffy white clouds
float across a sky of blue.

Butterflies and honeybees
fly among the flowers,
warmed by the sunshine
cooled by summer showers.

The songbird are singing.
The distant cooing of a dove,
the barking of a squirrel
in a treetop high above.

The splashing of a fish
in the cool waters of a brook,
little furry creatures
scurry in a wooded nook.

Wide fields of crimson clover
still wet with morning dew,
the sun rising over the hills
to start the day anew.

Summertime in the country
is such a sight to see,
and it's as close to heaven
as this earth will ever be.


Summertime in the County by Joel T Bailey of Vicksburg Mississippi.

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