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Summer Friends

Flowers of Fall

The blend of fall colors are lovely to see
But the leaving of summer saddens me,
As I cross the chilly threshold into fall
I shall miss my feathered friends call.

I was awoke each dawn by their singing
And the rustle of bright wings winging
As they left their roost in the oak trees
Now graced in colors of autumn leaves.

Zion Outside the Window

Outside the window each summer morn
As shadows fled a new day being born
The singsong chirp of tiny babies arose
And I'll miss the hungry cries of those.

Summer songbirds sang until the day's fade
And the land lay covered in evening shade
Then once more settled where the babies nest
As sunset glowed over the mountains' crest.

Sunset over the Mountains

This chilly dawn was unlike so many others
As I slid from beneath warm quilted covers
I heard no chirp this fog layered daybreak,
Not one little songbird to sing me awake.

I walked toward the barn to milk the cow
And no beautiful birds were singing now
As my feet rustled fallen leaves I listened
And saw no bright wings that glistened.

Autumn Colors

The birds of summer so sweet was their song
But now the wonder of fall has come along
And those fine feathered friends once mine
Winged southward following the sunshine.

It will be long before I see that lovely sight
Of brilliant summer songbirds in flight
The colors of autumn is a grand time of year
But I'd rather have my singing friends here.

Canola in the Fields

Summer Friends ©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-28-10

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