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The Gift of Music by Jerry R Hill

Music in its purest form
Is the language of the heart.
It speaks with charm and beauty
In each note that it imparts.

Recalling faded memories
In haunting soft refrains.
Creating all new memories
With it's many gentle strains.

A waltz can make your heart feel light
A march can stir your soul.
Or you might brighten up your day
With some gentle "Rock and Roll".

Great hymns throughout the ages
Have stirred our very being.
They've lifted up our spirits
Inviting us to sing

The wedding song brings happiness
In joining man and wife.
The cradle song sparks pride and joy
In the start of a new life.

Even the cheerful melodies
The little songbirds sing,
Are enchanting and refreshing
In the beauty that they bring.

What a thrill it is to hear
The violin of Isaac Stern.
The many beautiful melodies
Of Gershwin, Berlin and Kern.

Chopin, Strauss and Romberg
Or Rogers and Hammerstein.
The greatest music ever known
Came from such gifted minds.

Of all life's gifts and treasures
Placed here for us to share.
The beautiful sound of music
Is a gift beyond compare.

Reflections by Gerald R Hill

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