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For Those Times
For Those Times of Encouragement

I know life can be discouraging at times,
so I am giving you this.
I want you to read it every time you feel overwhelmed,
so that it may encourage you to move forward
and look beyond your troubles.

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If ever you feel like giving up, don't.
If you think you can't do something, try.
If you try and fail, then try again.
If you don't, you may always wonder
why you gave up so easily.

Don't let life pass you by;
the only way to get ahead
is to hold your head up high.
Try not to be discouraged
when things get in your way;
just climb that mountain inch by inch,
and take life day by day.

Eventually you will find the strength you need,
to look toward those heights,
not only to scale that mountain
but to reach its mighty peak.

Believe in whatever you think is worth believing in,
and never stop until you feel you have done
all that you can to secure your dreams.
I have such faith in you,
and I know that you are capable of achieving anything you want.

Always remember that I have faith in you.

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