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Flight Of The Eagle

The majestic Eagle
flies on outstretched wings,
soaring higher than mountains,
and all earthly things.


The rocky cliffs beckon her—
long-necked chicks reach the sky
begging for sustenance
in their loud, screeching cry.

Now America cries out
in the same frantic way
as these helpless young birds
depend on her every day.

Like the Eagle—our nation
represents honor and peace.
Strong—standing valiant,
seeking life to increase.

We turn our face from this mascot—
become powerless to crime.
Have we forgotten our values?
Is this a sign of the times?

Bring back pride in the Eagle,
pride in cities and towns—
treat America honorably
for it’s our sacred ground...

Take back her greatness
in patriotism and wealth
for if we lose this great Eagle,
we’ve lost part of ourselves.

Flight of the Eagle written by Tamara Hillman.

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