Hugs and Smiles

"I Love You, Dad!"

"YOU" truly are "The Wind Beneath My Wings!"

A Father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you are.

Heart Heart Heart

Quotes of a Father

"Were you raised in a barn?  Close the door!"

"You didn't beat me ... I let you win."

"Big boys don't cry."Heart

"Don't worry ... it's only blood."

"Now you listen to me, Buster!"

"A little dirt never hurt anyone ... just wipe it off."

"Who ever said life was supposed to be fair?"

"You call that a haircut?"

Heart"This will hurt me a lot more than it will hurt you."

"Don't give me any of your lip, young lady."

"We're not lost ... I'm just not sure where we are."


"I'll tell you why ... Because I said so!  That's why!"

"What's so funny?  Wipe that smile off your face!"

"If I've told you once ... I've told you a thousand times."Heart

"Eat it!  It will grow hair on your chest."

"You'll always be my little girl."

"I Love You!"

You are my hero, You are my Dad.




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