Hugs and Smiles

Daddy's Little Girl


You came into the world so late at night.

The moon and the stars shining ever so bright.

In my arms you were laid, I noticed your hair it did curl.

Daddy got his wish, daddy got his little girl.


Daddy was the first word you said, when you began to talk.

Daddy was the one you came to when you began to walk.

You came to me with your knee all scraped, for my kiss.

I knew someday you would be the one I miss.

You seemed so little, but off to school you went.

The joys we had when you were little were times well spent.

Always the top of the class, always the center of the crowd.

With all your achievements, daddy was ever so proud.


The boys started calling when you started high school.

You always obeyed, and went by my rule.

You went through college, always giving your best.

On the dean's list, today you will take your last test.


Tomorrow, the first of June you will marry.

Down the aisle, your hand I will carry.

With all your beauty and dress the color of pearls.

With all my love, you'll still be daddy's little girl. 





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