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Bear Stories
From visitors to Yellowstone

This one is about two ladies carrying a sack of cookies headed for the restroom at Tower Falls. A roadside bear a short distance from the restroom was thrown several cookies. Without thinking about it, the pair went on their way to the restroom. Within a few moments of their arrival 8 or 9 ladies ran out of the restroom screaming - dresses up and pants down! The bear had come to polished off the rest of the cookies and then had returned to the roadside.

We usually get squirrels in our bird feeders!!!

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Another one is about a cowboy from Texas who roped a two year old Grizzly at Dragon's Mouth. The bear was bothering people in the area. I don't remember staying to see how it all turned out!

Bear Prints

I was 11 years old when my family embarked on our annual Yellowstone vacation. As occurred every year, my parents offered $5.00 to the first person to see a bear. This offer always was made but I had never seen a bear in my life time. So one evening at about 5:00 pm, we went to the "Whiskey Flats Picnic Area" (located between Madison and Old Faithful, it has since been named "Picnic Area" because the sign always got stolen.) We were having our favorite dish, macaroni and cheese with tuna fish. As dad was cooking it up on the portable stove, a van came cruising into the picnic area and raced toward us. Mom went white, not knowing who was in the van, nor what they were going to do to us.

Suddenly the window was rolled down and the passenger was yelling "There is a bear headed for you!!!" Mom freaked!!! So us children, being obedient to our mother, became hysterical, just like our fearless mother. "Everyone in the truck (Bronco)!!!" she yelled and then proceeded to throw us all in. So mom and us kids were sitting in the truck shaking and white with fear when we looked at dad. There he stood in front of the stove cooking the macaroni and cheese with a smile on his face. We all started screaming at him but he said that no bear was going to eat his dinner.

Then "The Bear" came out of the woods and continued to make his way toward what he thought to be his" dinner. He was about 50 feet away. When dad saw this grand daddy silver-tooth grizzly coming straight toward him, he decided that dinner was done! He kind of jogged toward the truck, hopped-in and proceeded to dish up the macaroni and cheese. Meanwhile, the bear realized that we were humans and his dinner was no longer available; thus, he lazily departed. But I assure you that we didn't eat a bite and remained horrified of the recent threat for the following couple of hours. After the bear was gone, mom immediately began scolding dad for being so stupid. But I don't think he listened; he was too upset at himself for leaving the camera at home!

The rest of the night was filled with talk of what could have happened had the van not warned us of the approaching bear. Since this memorable trip, we have seen many bears, and every time we have that special privilege, we are reverenced with admiration and respect for the all-powerful and mighty bear that had once invited himself to dinner with the family.

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