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Baseball Shoes

Baseball Shoes Poem

Baseball Shoes



Amidst his baseball curtains
and his little baseball shoes,
is a little baseball cap,
plastic bat and ball, too.

He looks so cute in his little cap,
when out with his dad he goes,
For strolls throughout the town,
and to the circus shows.


But Daddy's little man,
has so quickly grown.
In his NIKE sandals,
he's toddling all alone.

His Daddy is always at his side,
to pick him up when he falls,
And read a bedtime story,
of trucks and dogs and balls.

The nursery's now a bedroom,
the baseball curtains gone,
For the school bus he now waits,
with his new cowboy hat on.

He hurries off to meet the kids,
with his lovingly packed lunch pail.
And smiles and waves bravely,
To his Daddy, his Pal.

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As the years go drifting by,
his first basketball appears.
Then roller skates and ice skates,
and a bow for hunting deer.

 Then suddenly he's all grown up,
and works a job of his own.
Taking all his things
to a place that he calls home.

My little boy is waiting
in his tuxedo and top hat,
for the beautiful blushing bride,
to soon be at his side.

I recall when he was small,
and now he is a man.
What happened to my little boy?
I try to understand?

And now Son, you're a Dad ...
and that makes me a Papa.
Your precious little baby boy,
will fill your house with joy.

Amidst his baseball curtains
and his little baseball shoes,
is a little baseball cap,
plastic bat and ball, too.

Hold each moment closely,
and lock them in your heart,
For these days of love and trials,
soon drift in to years.

The little shoes will turn to bronze
and the baseball games will fade,
He'll grow up tall just like a tree,
before your very eyes.

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Be always close by his side
when he needs a hand,
Make sure he knows that God and Dad
will always understand.

Don't worry as he makes his own 
place upon the Earth.
One day he'll wear a Father's hat,
and he'll come home to you.



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